Terms of Service

In order to create a user friendly website and to target our marketing efforts to our local community, we use analytics tools and other third party technologies, such as Google Analytics, to gather information about the online user of our website. These tools and technologies collect and analyze the user’s information both personal (user’s name, email and IP address) and non-personal (usage, behavior and other similar metrics).

You are not obligated to accept cookies and can manage your browser’s preferences so that it will not accept cookies.  To do so, open the settings section of your individual browser and refer to the cookies section.  Please note, some of our cookies are important to the proper functionality of our website and rejecting these cookies may have a negative impact on the user’s web experience.

Any information and data that we collect for analytics using the Google Analytics platform will be stored for up to four (4) years.   For the functionality of our website we use 3rd party plugins that collect and store data indefinitely, this is beyond the control of our company.  By navigating our website, submitting forms and/or downloading from our site, you accept these terms and conditions.