About us

Mission Dance Centre & Company enters its 15th year in the Okanagan as one of the best ballet and dance schools in the region. With a focus on recreational ballet and dance classes and the pre-professional ballet classes, the centre continues to grow and develop as a premier ballet school in Kelowna. Artistic Director Tanya Bakala leads the dance programs and curriculum as well as directing the annual ballet productions for the young dancers. Through her dedication and her staff’s excellent instruction many of the schools young dancers have gone on to careers at the national level.

The Ballet school and Dance centre offers a wide range of dance classes from fun recreational dance programs to High Performance Ballet classes for the dedicated ballet dancer. The Adult Ballet classes are also popular for the dancer that needs a weekly opportunity to fuel their passion for Dance.

The focus of Mission Dance Centre’s instruction for ballet classes is on two areas of development. The first is technical skills starting at a young age and developing through to become a professional ballerina. Children start in the preschool program for those who just love to dance. As our dancer’s progress up through our Apprentice and Novice ballet classes they learn choreography and performance skills that leads to our Pre-professional program.

The second emphasis at the school is on health and wellness. Dancer’s are highly trained athletes that require a level of fitness equal to any sport. The school program includes classes on nutrition, diet and coping skills to help manage the pressures felt by young athletes and performing artists.