Yoga for Ballet Dancers

As a ballet dancer, you work very hard in the studio training certain muscles to do specific movements. This means that the targeted muscles will get sore and possibly affect your training. But now there’s a new class at MDC made for relaxing and training correct muscles! It’s for Jr. and Sr. Company dancers (typically ages 13 – 19 some exceptions may apply) and has been added to our Pre-Professional Program. We are calling it: STRETCH AND YOGA and it’s happening every Wednesday evening with Special Guests coming in to teach us stretching techniques! This class is a great way to unwind those tense muscles that seem to block your flexibility from progressing forward, and we will help you through each class while being mindful of YOUR limit. Each dancer will be in control of their progress with the help of our trained staff within this special class. Sign up now for our Pre-Professional Program or contact us at, 250-764-2222.